custom vs readymade hospital software

Custom Development Vs. Ready to Launch Hospital Management Software

January 28, 2021

Managing a hospital is an extremely challenging process. Hundreds of operations are carried out simultaneously in various departments of the hospital every single day. In addition, the industry is such that you can’t afford to conduct any mistakes in the workplace. So, having efficient hospital management software is the need of every hospital. It enhances the processing speed of the operations, reduces human errors, provides higher security, and contributes to improved patient care.

When looking for the best hospital software, typically, there are two options available: readymade hospital management software and customized hospital software. Both the options have their perks and limitations. In order to choose the best option for yourself, you must be well-acquainted with both of these software styles. In this article, we will provide you a detailed comparison of both the software types, so that you can conclude which options suit you the best to start with your healthcare digital transformation. Let us begin!

Custom Developed Hospital Software Vs. Readymade Hospital Management Software

Before going into the characteristics and functions of both the software types, let us first understand what they mean.

Custom Hospital Software

These are customized hospital software specifically designed from scratch to end to meet the needs and requirements of various hospital operations. They are usually productive for those hospitals that have unique process requirements and want to design everything according to their hospital brand and its regulations. 

Readymade Hospital Management Software

These are pre-packed or ready hospital management software that focuses on handling standard hospital operations. They are usually fully developed according to the basic requirements of every hospital and are quite easy to deploy. These are suitable for hospitals that need fully futuristic software at a budget price or need hospital management software urgently.

Difference Table for Both Hospital Software Types

This difference table will help you understand how hospital software custom development differs from readymade hospital management software by comparing its different aspects.

FeatureCustom Hospital SoftwareReadymade Hospital Software
UniquenessThe custom made software is entirely unique as it is developed from scratch.Readymade software is already prepared and consists of various functions required for standard operations in a hospital
Third-Party IntegrationsYou can add as many third-party integrations as you like in this software type. However, adding too many features can slow down the software.Typically, third party integrations are not available in this software type. However, few software solution companies offer the option to add third-party integrations in their pre-ready hospital management software.
ScalabilityAs the software is built from its inception, it can be scaled and developed as per the demand of the hospital.This software type also offers the option to scale their ready-made hospital software. However, it is not true for all, and some software comes with predefined database size
Deployment TimeIt takes a huge amount of time to reach the deployment phase as the software goes through several phases of development, testing, and refinement. Usually, it may take 6-12 months for its completion.It takes a minimal amount of time to deploy this software type as it is already built. All you need to do is add a few customizations, if required, and establish the software into the hospital’s system. The process can be completed in less than a week’s time.
Cost of SoftwareThe cost for this software type can be highly expensive as it is being customized specifically for a single user.The cost of this software type is fairly lower than customized hospital software.

Why Readymade Hospital Management Software is a Preferred Choice Over Customized Hospital Software?

Although both software types have their pros and cons, there are still several factors that give readymade hospital management software an edge over the customized hospital software. Let us take a look at them.

●    Lowered Cost of Acquisition

The cost of readymade hospital software is traditionally lower than customized hospital software. As the customized hospital software is specifically designed for a particular user, the costs involved are beared by a single user. Conversely, the other software is already built and can be bought at a significantly lower price. 

●    Swift Implementation of the Software

Unlike the customized software, readymade hospital management software does not require any time for development, prototyping, and testing. Hence it can be speedily implemented in the hospital system to enjoy its various benefits.

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●    Readily Available Demos

Having a demo or prototype of software can help you to get a fairer idea of what you are looking for. Readymade software solutions give the added advantage of understanding the efficiency and functionality of different software by checking their demos for free. Whereas in the case of hospital software custom development, you will have to wait for its prototype to be built, which will cost a decent amount of money.

●    Pretested Scalability

A significant benefit of prepacked hospital software is that it is already tested and running in various hospitals. Hence, they are already handling a large customer base and are free from any kind of scalability problems. On the contrary, customized software can have a variety of issues that have to be solved instantaneously when trying to scale the software at later stages.

●    Options to Customize

All healthcare software caters to similar needs and is designed accordingly. However, in case you need any customizations in your ready to launch hospital software, the possibility is still there. You can add features that you feel are important for your organizations’ operations. On the other hand, customized software is developed from the beginning, and customizations can be done as per the user’s preferences.

SoftClinic – A readymade Hospital Management Software

SoftClinic is globally used cloud-based hospital management software that is pre-integrated with HMS modules like online appointment, OPD/IPD management, inventory, digital prescription, laboratory, etc. Also, the software can be customized as per healthcare requirements.


Custom-developed hospital software and readymade hospital management software, both offer their own set of characteristics. Where on the one hand, custom software is suitable to carry out a unique set of features, the prepacked or ready software ensures value for money by delivering all necessary functions at a significantly low price. Finally, it comes down to what is required and right for your business. So thoroughly think about your healthcare requirements and then make an informed decision.

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