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Best Hospital Management Software Solutions in 2022 For Redefining Patient Care

November 26, 2020

With the growing dependence on Electronic Medical Records and an inevitable need for process efficiency at medical institutions, Hospital Management Software Solutions have become the go-to solution. 

As of 2017, 96% of all non-federal acute care hospitals in the USA were using certified Health IT. The adoption has been further turbocharged with the spread of infectious Covid-19 diseases, which calls for remote health monitoring and a need for a centralized health management system for care centers.

Therefore, it’ll be hard to imagine hospitals without befitting hospital management software for controlling daily activities and providing patients with digitalized scheduling and treatment services. A study shows that 1 in 3 individuals in the USA tracked their healthcare costs using an electronic device in the past 12 months.

So, if you’re in the market to choose the best hospital management software for your hospital, clinic or independent practice, you can pick from our list the 5 best Hospital or Clinic management software of 2022.

Top 6 Hospital Management Software Solution in 2022

1. SoftClinic Hospital Management Software

SoftClinic HMS

SoftClinic, offered by the JVS Group is one of the pioneers in the industry with over two decades of development experience in the healthcare industry. The SoftClinic Hospital Software provides clinicians and hospital managers with the core abilities to digitize their paper-based processes, manage financial accounting, and actively track patients with full profiling features.

The clinic management software has grown into a wholesome HIS suite for medical centers for day-to-day activities. SoftClinic Hospital Management System is being used in 40+ countries with more than 25,000 physicians registered on the platform.

Core Benefits of SoftClinic HMS

  • Integrated with 30+ Modules
  • Mobile App Access for Physicians
  • Barcoded Reporting System
  • Auto Notifications and SMS Alerts
  • Equipment Interfacing
  • Advance Data Analytics
  • Financial Accounting

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows App
  • Web App

2. Insta HMS

Insta HMS offered by Practo is a scalable web application designed for hospitals and clinics for managing their information comprehensively. It offers several crucial modules for capturing information across the hospital and responsibly disseminating the same with key stakeholders.

The hospital management software has been deployed in 22 countries and has enjoyed vast adoption of 1000+ centers enrolled with Insta HMS.

Core Benefits

  • OPD Management
  • Form Creation
  • Data Capturing
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Management

Platforms Supported

  • Microsoft Windows App
  • Web App

3. HMS365 Cloud

HMS 365 Cloud offers a fully web-based Hospital Management Software and ranks third on our list of best HMS software. It offers several modules for comprehensive hospital management and is targeted at medical centers with advanced management needs. Being a fully web-based platform, HMS365 Cloud offers the benefits of global access to data and multi-device usability.

Core Benefits:

  • OPD Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Queue Management
  • Patient Management

Platforms Supported

  • SaaS Web App
  • Android/iOS

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4. Napier Healthcare

My Napier is a fully cloud-based Clinic Management Software that targets the everyday needs of hospitals and chains of clinics. The hospital software has been engineered, keeping affordability, scalability, and ease-of-use as the core factors. The hospital management software comes with 20 modules that cover all kinds of in-situ needs for medical centers. It is offered by Napier Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd, with experience of over 22 years.

Core Benefits:

  • Easy Access To Patient Data
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Improved clinical decision making
  • Better security and safety
  • Better revenue management

Platforms Supported

  • SaaS Web App

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5. Dataman HMS

Dataman Hospital Management Software offered by Dataman Computer Systems Pvt Ltd is a suite of modules that are designed to make Hospital Management easier with the help of cloud-based integration. The hospital software offers a wide range of management modules for taking care of diverse departments in a hospital or clinic. Built with usability in mind, Dataman hospital software ranks fifth on our list of best hospital or clinic management software.

Core Benefits

  • Healthcare management
  • Operation Theatre Management
  • TPA Management
  • Radiology Lab Management
  • Pharmaceutical and Billing Management
  • Pathology Management

Platforms Supported

  • SaaS Web App

6. Droit’s healthcare software

Adroit healthcare software is used in 50+ countries for clinic management, Electronic health records, laboratory management, and pharmacy management. The hospital management software has been designed based on the best practices.

Core Benefits

  • Doctor and Patient Portals
  • Online Scheduling
  • OPD & IPD Management
  • HL7/Integrated PACS
  • Patient Management

Platforms Supported

  • Web and mobile apps


If you’re in the market for smart Hospital Management Software in 2022 that meets your specific needs, our list of best hospital management software will help you pick the right fit for your institution. Look for core factors that your hospital can benefit from such as usability, EHR compatibility, and Patient Scheduling before settling for a hospital software suite.

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