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Hospital Management Solution

JVS Technologies Introducing a Digital Approach towards Healthcare Data Management

December 2017

A hospital or a healthcare institute is a full time activity zone with over hundreds of patients getting treated for a variety of issues. Other than trained doctors and professionals who take care of the patients and their treatments, there are several other activities going around in healthcare organizations, right from taking care of the administration department, billings, managing finances, hospital admissions, pharmaceutical department and many more. Since there is a large amount of data generated on everyday basis, maintaining it by conventional methods is a very daunting and high-maintenance task to be performed manually. Realizing the need to maintain and access these records at one click, JVS Technologies developed a simple to use and scalable Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software for healthcare professionals. “Information Technology industry was booming worldwide but healthcare industry was under served market, as it required people who could understand both healthcare as well as IT. JVS filled this gap by working closely with the healthcare professionals and developed the most advance yet simple to use EHR Software – SoftClinic,” speaks Saket Singhi, Managing Director, JVS Technologies.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, JVS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the market of digital health which has been established with the vision to help healthcare industry organize patient data. The company’s flagship product – SoftClinic is Intelligent Hospital Management Software, which assists healthcare providers to gather, organize, analyze and manage health data of patients and financial data for healthcare industry, which ultimately supports in better decision-making. SoftClinic not only complies with the various international standards such as HIPAA, HL7, and ICD-10 but is also a Cloud-ready and Mobile-ready solution. It has been designed as single software with scalable modules to suit requirements of single physician practice to large corporate hospitals. With inbuilt predefined templates in SoftClinic for various standard medical conditions, it became easy for physicians, as they are able to complete the digital health recording with few clicks and give more attention to patients.

Having established itself as a leading player in the Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records and Hospital Information System market over the past 15 years, today JVS has more than 18,000 physicians using its products and over 2 million registered patients across 35 countries. These numbers are growing at 30-40 percent rate per year. SoftClinic Software is not only a leader in India in EMR and HMS market but is also one of the well-known brands in Africa, Middle East and South East Asia.

Paving the Path Ahead

JVS Technologies is already working on artificial intelligence (AI) to make the software smart enough to reduce the physicians’ workload and help them in decision making, which will reduce instance of medical errors. On patients’ side, JVS envisions offering smart health applications to help patients connect with their physicians via smartphones and open a channel for doctor to do e-consultation. This will result in significant time saving for patients as well as physicians by cutting down the travel and waiting time for follow up appointments. JVS is also offering free to use MyHealthData App for general population for managing their own health records in their smartphone, which can be shared with physicians at a click when needed. In the years to come, the company has plans to launch its product portfolio in USA and South American countries.



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JVS Technologies: A Leader in the Digital Health Domain Delivering Advanced Suite of Intelligent, Integrated & Intuitive Software Solution


“We strive constantly to make JVS Group a winning competitor both today and in the future.”


Set-up with a vision to allow healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care rather than spending time on technology, JVS Technologies Private Limited is a renowned industry player carrying 15 years of experience in Healthcare IT. Established as one of the leading company in the Healthcare IT space, JVS takes pride in connecting more than 2 million patients worldwide to digital health.

The company’s mission is to enhance the business growth of JVS’s valuable customers with creative approach to deliver best solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage for clients around the world. JVS have some of the largest consumer brands in the world as clients including Fortis Hospital Group, Apollo Hospital Group, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Asian Heart Institute. Headquartered in India, the company makes its presence felt in 35 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Deep Dive into JVS Technologies

In conversation with Saket Singhi, Managing Director

Can you help us know your tough times in the initial years of the company?

Founded in 2002, JVS’ journey was fraught with backbreaking challenges initially. We had a tough time to bridge the gap between healthcare and IT. But with consistent efforts, we have carved a niche in the Healthcare IT industry by overcoming the challenges faced in the initial few years. Also with the help of the Internet and advance technology, JVS has quickly expanded business worldwide over the Internet and now have more than 10,000 physicians using its flagship software SoftClinic in 35 countries.

How digital adoption has made you more competent? Give us an outline on company’s success so far.

Digital adoption has become a significant accelerator to the growth of healthcare market. With various E-health initiatives being taken at government level, the market for healthcare IT is growing at 26% CAGR. With 15 years of proven excellence, JVS today has become one of the leading companies in the market of digital health. The company is growing rapidly and expanding its business worldwide by connecting patients with physicians through e-consultation.

Technology has played an important role in our growth; there is no second thought to it. With the help of remote desktop access, we have been able to implement software in war prone countries like Somalia, Palestine and Afghanistan. It gives us a great satisfaction that we helped large population in the medical field through digital healthcare delivery system.

Shed some light on JVS Technologies service offerings and also enlighten us about how your flagship offering ‘SoftClinic’ benefits your client.

Our vast portfolio of Intelligent Medical Software’s plays an important role by enabling healthcare providers to gather, organize, analyze and manage health data of patients and financial data for healthcare industry, which ultimately supports in better decision-making.

Our flagship offering SoftClinic, equipped with business intelligence is scalable electronic health records software (EHRs), which caters to entire healthcare delivery eco system with modules for primary care, general practice, group practice, day-care centers, small to large corporate hospitals, laboratories, radiology centers & pharmacies. SoftClinic is Multilingual Software – available in Arabic, French, Hindi & Indonesian along with English.

With our offerings, the health data sharing has been made very easy with authenticated users or devices. Most of our SoftClinic users like the affordable and scalable pricing structure, as it helps them shift their practice from paper to paperless without major cost implications.

Cloud Solutions: JVS medical software solutions are leveraging the latest technology, which makes it, cloud ready. Integrated with doctor portal and patient portal, it streamlines the transmission of health data between physicians and patients, which ultimately result in better patient care. Also, we have a range of cloud hosted clinical data management softwares for interventional cardiology like SoftCath, CardioHealth and JVS-DiComPlus; OncoSoft for oncology, and advance clinical modules in SoftClinic for various specialties like endocrinology, neurology, gastroenterology, infertility, Ayurveda etc. It makes one of the most integrated software catering to the need of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & Electronic Health Records (EHR).

What make JVS Technologies great to work with or for?

The first thing, which makes us different from other IT companies, is ability of provide stress free work environment. The company strongly believes in hiring people with right attitude. For a product based IT company, innovation is the key to success and at JVS, we keep encouraging team to think out of the box, look for customers pain area and keep working towards making life easy for our customers.

What was the biggest challenge you & your company faced in shaping JVS Technologies?

The biggest challenge for us was the un-regularized market hampering the growth of the Healthcare IT market in India. Presently, worldwide 90% of Healthcare IT spending is in the US, which is highly regulated and well developed market. It took us 15 years to scale from first customer to 1800 plus customers. But in the last couple of years, the growth has accelerated and by 2020 we will double our customer base.

Secondly, the challenge we faced was with the mindset of IT services in Indian market. Being a product centric company, we were walking on the lonely path in the country where 99% of the IT companies are making good money by offering the IT services. The complete IT workforce was trained to provide IT services and we had to re-train our team members to think on product line where more of their brain was required rather than following the instructions like in other IT services business.

Also, few years back, there was a time when no investors were keen to invest their money on IT product companies. I am glad that the situation in the Indian IT market has radically changed in recent years. Thanks to the Digital India initiatives by the Government, now more product centric companies are coming up and are being funded by investors and venture capital funds.

Where do you see ‘JVS’ in a couple of years from now?

Presently, we are competently working on artificial intelligence (AI) to make the software smart enough to decrease the physicians work load and help them in decision making which will reduce instances of medical errors. However, for days ahead in business, we are planning to expand more on e-consultation with patient apps and doctor’s portal to make healthcare available for everyone with smartphones.

On the expansion front, we are currently expanding our business in South East Asia and going to enter in US market very soon with Meaningful use compliant EMR software.

In the words of the Customers!!

“To us, SoftClinic is the solution that moves the healthcare Business!” – Dr. Hassan Adelakun, Nigeria.

“SoftClinic is the best software for Clinic & Hospitals. It is user friendly, easy to understand require only basic training to get up and running. It has an excellent after sales service and engineers are always ready to customize the software as per our need.” – Dr. Hardik Shah, Orthopedic Surgeon, India.

“I am using SoftClinic Hospital Management Software for the last couple of years. It is really superb. I was in search of Hospital Management Software of this type for years and my search ended with SoftClinic Software, which is very flexible and easy to use. I am happy to recommend SoftClinic Software to many of my colleagues, who are in search of Clinic and Hospital Management Software.” – Dr. Devi Reddy, India.

Meet the Healthcare Specialist

Saket Singhi, Managing Director– An avid techno brat, Saket has been instrumental in the growth of the company. He brings with him 20 years of expertise to incubate and build new teams, resolve business issues quickly and leverage existing investments to develop new business solutions with big results and minimal investment. Over the years, he has also launched multiple successful healthcare IT products and is now working on a new mobile ecommerce platform “QuickeSelling.” which is going to disrupt the existing ecommerce market.

“Our vision is to make healthcare available in every corner of the earth with digital healthcare delivery system.”




JVS Technologies: Offering Integrated, Interoperable & Cost-effective Healthcare Products

July 23, 2015

Whilst the future growth of Indian IT industry is unequivocally in SMEs’ hands, the fastest growing healthcare IT sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28 percent in India, which is estimated to double by 2019. Enriched with 13 years of experience, JVS Technologies is contributing to this express growth by not just providing integrated and interoperable patient-centric healthcare IT solutions that is much yearned worldwide, but also by mastering the art of providing them at low cost.


Aside from keeping expenditures under control, JVS’ cent-percent online business model also facilitates it to grow its business in more than 25 countries (even in war prone countries like Palestine, Afghanistan & Somalia, where no sales representative will ever visit). The unique approach of providing hassle-free one-stop solutions (encompassing all basic functionalities of hospital system along with mobile apps, patient portals and patient health management apps) has bestowed the Ahmadabad headquartered company with over 1500 customers including Asian Heart Institute, Apollo Hospitals, Siemens, Lupin and Ranbaxy.

Being a dedicated healthcare IT Product Company founded in 2002 in immature Indian market that perceived clinical software’s as a luxury, unsurprisingly JVS’ journey was fraught with backbreaking challenges. With the help of pharma & medical device industry and commonization of RDC Technology, the five people team of JVS quickly expanded business worldwide over internet and emerged into one of India’s fastest growing that added over 1000 customers, 150 business partners and 50 employees within four years (2011-2015). The company that launched world’s first plug-and-play software with storage device for interventional cardiology – JVS-DiComPlus, also launched India’s first comprehensive iOS & android compatible free patient health record management app – MyHealthData, which is getting over hundred downloads/week in Google Play and Apple App Store.
SoftClinic – Scalable from Single Physician to Corporate Hospital

With JVS’ SoftClinic, an all-in-one (comprising of HIS & EMR), multi-lingual (supports French, Arabic, Hindi, English & Indonesian), secure, cloud-based and easily scalable application with flexible cost structure, clients only need to upgrade to higher version as they grow. While SoftClinic’s mobile apps facility helps physicians to observe patient’s data like vitals and change the treatment accordingly, integrated Patient Portal helps patients to view their data online, chat with their providers, book appointments and pay bills; from anywhere anytime. The company that also builds solutions wholeheartedly, develops long term relationship with customers that transcend economics.
Applauding Risk Taking & Innovative Thinking

JVS’ open & flexible culture allows its developers to work-from-home in flexible timings. The company that welcomes diversity, empowers employees to do great work by applauding risk taking and innovative thinking. JVS’ internal structure permits it to solve client’s problems by developing technologies based on passion, ideas and insights. “As our people’s talents grow, so does our company. With ongoing development initiatives (training & tools to special projects and rotational job assignments), we offer them resources to explore every opportunity and to grow,” says Saket Singhi, Managing Director, JVS Technologies.

JVS plans to avail SoftClinic in all other commonly used regional languages soon. In fact, the company is working towards making all of its products multilingual and mobile compatible. JVS believes in keeping small team of intelligent people and doing more work by properly exploiting best technologies to build robust, user-friendly and affordable products that translate into better patient care for healthcare professionals.