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Support : SoftClinic Software


We really do listen to feedback from our customers, which is why SoftClinic keeps on getting better! Testimonials also inspire confidence for those who are considering SoftClinic.

Here’s a selection of testimonials / comments / feedback that we’ve received from our existing users. If you would like to tell us what you think of SoftClinic or our Support Services, then
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“As a manger of a multispecialty hospital in a city in Nigeria, at start off, I was faced with problems of space, fund and efficient management of both our clinical and non-clinical personnel. With SoftClinic in my hospital these problems were solved and we have been getting highest ratings in terms of timely general and specialized healthcare delivery in my city.
We have employed, SoftClinic for our patient’s registration, appointment scheduling, inpatient management, pharmacy, laboratory, accounting, admin and other management. All these are have been fully integrated seamlessly by this unparalleled excellent hospital management software services-SoftClinic.
To us, SoftClinic is the solution that moves the healthcare business!”

Dr. Hassan Adelakun, Nigeria


“I have experienced best quality product and services offered by JVS and I would not hesitate to recommend SoftClinic software to physicians.”

Dr. Olivier Clinic, Thailand


“I have been using SoftClinic Software since 3 years. It is best Suited for cardiologist and all Physicians.”

Dr. Sameer Dani, Interventional cardiologist, India

“I am using your SoftClinic Hospital Management Software for the last one week. It is really superb. Actually I was in search of a Hospital Management Software of this type for the last 4 years. Finally I could find out your SoftClinic Software, which is very flexible and easy to use. I am ready to recommend SoftClinic Software to many of my friends, who are in search of Hospital Management Software.”

Dr. Devi Reddy Warangal

“Softclinic is a Best Software for Clinical Practice as well as Hospital Management and data Management.
It is very much user friendly, easy to Understand and manageable. You never Require a long training to operate this Software, If you are a Computer savvy !!
It includes almost all facility ,The best part in the Software is after sales service. It has an excellent after sales service and engineers are always ready to customize the Software as per our need.”

Dr. Hardik Shah, Orthopedic Surgeon, India

“SoftClinic is a user friendly software. It’s a complete software to keep my case records effectively.
The quality of support provided by JVS is excellent.”

Dr. Vishal Gupta, Endocrinologist & Metabolic Physician, India