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Best Hospital Management Software in 2022 For Medical Practice

November 23, 2021

What is Hospital Management Software

A medical practice requires a lot of processes and paperwork that can be automated by adding hospital management software. If you incorporate the best hospital software as per your needs, it can take care of billing, patient history, general administration, insurance checks, collect data and run analysis to improve the practice, etc. Most of these hospital management software solutions are cloud-based so that you can access them easily on the go in real-time.

Any hospital management software you select should be HIPAA compliant so that the data transfer is secure. Apart from it, the HMS software should have an ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology) certification. 

In this blog, we have enlisted the 5 best hospital management software that has all the right certifications. You can compare and select the one that suits the best for your hospital or clinic’s needs.

5 Best Hospital Management Software of 2022

1. SoftClinic Hospital Software:

Website –

Key Features – 

  • Online appointment system
  • Mobile app access to physicians
  • HIPAA compliant cloud backup
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Barcoded reporting system
  • Automatic notification and SMS system
  • Advance data analysis and report
  • Online appointment booking
  • Online consultations
  • Access to real-time information

SoftClinic is one of the most comprehensive hospital software for physicians and hospitals. It can be optimized to suit the needs of various departments – Cardiology, Gynecology and OB, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology, General Surgery, Neurology, Pediatrics, Dental, and even Ayurvedic. 

The hospital management software comes with the latest technology that has the power to change the management system fundamentally. Once you add on this software, there will be:

  1. Zero maintenance requirement 
  2. You can access data from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
  3. You are provided with multi-location support and a secure backup. 
  4. You will be capable of going fully paperless and all of this with minimal cost of ownership. 

It is designed specifically for clinical purposes, and its efficient system is already powering more than 20 thousand clinics globally. It can streamline and optimize the entire patient experience, including the frontend, backend, and caregiving process. 

If you intend to start a new clinic or expand an existing clinic without disrupting the clinical experience, you should definitely adopt SoftClinic’s hospital management system in your daily practice.

2. Insta by Practo:

Website –

Key Features – 

  • Enables you to gain insight and scale faster
  • Enhances patient experience with targeted solutions
  • Provide a comprehensive medical directory
  • Subscription-based health plans
  • Medicine delivery
  • Diagnostic labs through associate labs

This is one of the best hospital software that has been empowering healthcare providers since 2008. It is being used in 1250 centers with more than 18 thousand active users across 22 countries. 

The team has mission is to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all world citizens. So we strive to empower our clients with HMS software that is the most accurate and comprehensive. It will help them make better healthcare decisions.

Their top priority is to ensure data privacy and security. The HMS software can be incorporated into any healthcare facility.

3. MocDoc Hospital Management Software:

Website –

Key Features – 

  • Out-patient management
  • In-patient management
  • Doctor discovery
  • Pharmacy/stock management
  • Electronic medical records
  • Lab management

A user-friendly interface at an affordable rate enables a clinic or a hospital to go completely paperless smoothly. It is a cloud-based platform that can provide you with robust and secure solutions to your hospital management needs. 

If you want a simple hospital management system that will work smoothly and efficiently with minimum input required from your side, you should consider this one of the hospital software. They have more than 500 clients nationwide that swear by this hospital management software.

4. Napier Healthcare:

Website –

Key Features –

  • It is hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Usage of SQL DB as a Service
  • Cloud-based HIS
  • Friendly user experience
  • Multi-facility collaboration
  • Access to real-time information

myNapier is one of the leading providers globally for innovative, technology-enabled solutions for healthcare providers. They have specifically designed products for hospitals, nursing homes, home care, occupational health and safety, and remote monitoring. 

The hospital software unlocks the best of the cloud. It simplifies your processes, makes your organization efficient, and improves patient care outcomes. Napier Healthcare has more than 17 years of experience in providing these efficient hospital management systems. This is why they offer world-class solutions at affordable rates.

5. Medstar HIS:

Website –

Key Features – 

  • Instant access for Doctors through tablets
  • Lab technicians can scan, track all the samples, and upload reports
  • Seamless Outpatient treatment
  • Access data through mobile on the go
  • An intelligent robot that fetches all the relevant information within nanoseconds

MedStar HIS is known for its ability to integrate all HIS systems and processes and sends it all through an intelligent information system that increases efficiency by helping the hospitals in decision making. It is advanced hospital software that works 100% on mobile compatible platforms, and it is also available on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

They offer premium features that are affordable even for small hospitals and private clinics. Doctors can easily view lab reports and even X-rays at the highest quality instantly. They can store all the relevant information on the software, including diagnosis and prescription, which comes in especially handy for Outpatient treatment.

Get the Best Software for your Hospital?


To make the best decision about adopting a hospital management software that is best for you, you will have to figure out your budget, requirements, and how much involved you would like to be. It is already difficult to manage a healthcare organization, so it would be best to get hospital management system that leaves all the work for the experts. You get to enjoy a streamlined and efficient process that lets you treat more patients and profit more in the long run.