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10 Types of Healthcare Software that a Hospital or Clinic needs in these times

September 8, 2020

Technology has given powerful tools at the hands of healthcare institutions. Many hospitals and clinics are now digitizing their everyday tasks. As Coronavirus took the world by surprise, increasing...

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How to Improve Productivity & Patient Management in Clinics

August 20, 2020

Hospital administrative tasks can be very time-consuming! For the medical staff at work, more often than not they become a major distraction from the core duty of attending to...

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Cloud-based Hospital Management Software VS On-Premise – What to opt?

July 23, 2020

When it comes to hospital management software (HMS) software for your hospital or clinics, there are many diverse solutions. Some leverage Cloud Computing while others are run locally on...

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What do you need to look at when choosing Hospital Management Software?

June 17, 2020

Making a patient feel reassured of their health and offering them a hassle-free treatment, is what every hospital aims for. But it only happens when the hospital’s functioning is...

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SoftClinic Software – A Prominent HMS & EHR Software

April 6, 2020

Used by over 20000 physicians, SoftClinic is the #1 HMS & EHR software. Modular and scalable Hospital information management software that comes with different modules such as Laboratory, Pharmacy,...

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SoftClinic EHR & HMS Software – Since Its Launch

March 7, 2020

SoftClinic is a widely used EHR and HMS software in the healthcare industry. The platform has been used by thousands of physicians to digitize their hospital workflow process. Here...

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