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hospital software security

Hospital Information Management Software Security Standards to Follow to Safeguard Data Breaches

May 18, 2021

The modern-day healthcare system is deeply dependent on technology. From advanced hospital management software to sophisticated machines used for diagnosing diseases, it is impossible to run the healthcare departments...

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stress free healthcare

Doctors or Healthcare Workers: How to Stay Stress-Free at Work?

May 5, 2021

When you look at most of your peers in the hospital, how many doctors would you say are living a stress-free day? Would the number be around 10% or...

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hospital management

5-Step Checklist for Successful Hospital Management Software (HMS) Implementation

April 22, 2021

With only 1.6 doctors available per 1000 patients across the globe, it has become imperative for hospital administrators, operators, and owners to ensure optimal resource allocation throughout the patient...

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custom vs readymade hospital software

Custom Development Vs. Ready to Launch Hospital Management Software

January 28, 2021

Managing a hospital is an extremely challenging process. Hundreds of operations are carried out simultaneously in various departments of the hospital every single day. In addition, the industry is...

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digital healthcare practices

Tend to More Patients with Zero Compromises in Efficacy, with SoftClinic HMS

December 22, 2020

With an initiative to digitize healthcare practices across the globe, SoftClinic has designed the best hospital management software to streamline tasks right from the start. The integrated information system...

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hospital management software 2021

Best Hospital Management Software Solutions in 2022 For Redefining Patient Care

November 26, 2020

With the growing dependence on Electronic Medical Records and an inevitable need for process efficiency at medical institutions, Hospital Management Software Solutions have become the go-to solution.  As of...

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hospital software

5 Cost Benefits of adopting a Smart Hospital Management Software

November 3, 2020

With the promise of quality healthcare to your patients and a safe work environment for your staff, you also need to also keep the costs under control. The shifting...

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practice management software

Practice Management Software Key Features that Your Hospital or Clinic Needs

October 20, 2020

Clinics and independent medical practitioners strive to provide the best experience to the patients. But even with the best of efforts, management lapses can take place. As Elsevier reports,...

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Choosing a Hospital Management Software for Nursing Homes

October 6, 2020

Nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and assisted living centers are meant for patients who have day-to-day care for a chronic illness or disability. Typically, nursing homes cater to senior...

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hospital billing software

How a Hospital Billing Software can Improve Billing Processes Effortlessly?

September 21, 2020

As the number of COVID cases rise globally, the medical staff remains on its toes. While manual management has been the go-to solution for many clinics/hospitals, with the increasing...

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