SoftClinic- A Digital Transformation Tool for Traditional HealthCare Organizations

January 25, 2020

The healthcare industry is unquestioningly one of the biggest beneficiaries of technological advancements in modern times. Technology has the power to save lives and enhance the quality of care delivered to patients. Healthcare organizations all over the world are eagerly looking for ways to improve their operations and push the digital transformation agenda.

Digital transformation is the process of redefining conventional processes by leveraging innovative technologies. For the healthcare sector, it means automating operational processes, empowering stakeholders and delivering real-time information to improve coordination and communication.

According to WHO, use of technology and digital transformation has led to an increase in life expectancy of new born babies. Clearly, technology is playing a pivoting role in improving healthcare.

Managing Vast Amount of Healthcare Data Digitally

One of the most critical challenges towards healthcare digitization is associated with the efficient management of vast amounts of the incoming patient, diagnostics and treatment data. Conventionally, organizations are used to paper-based methods to stack and file data manually, which can lead to a lot of discrepancies. Also, it becomes harder to manage vast pool of data over the years.

With the help of clinic management software like SoftClinic, healthcare organizations can leverage Electronic Health Record (EHR) concept to store and manage data digitally, minimizing their effort and investment as operations scale up.

Transitioning from conventional processes to digital & paperless operations

Several small and mid-scale healthcare organizations are facing several critical challenges in their journey towards digital transformation.

Digital transformation allows all the stakeholders, including the patients, to get most out of a service, which in this case is treatment and medical care. But the journey towards empowering stakeholders is not so simple.

Hospitals and clinics have to revamp their existing operational models to rethink everything from scratch. The aversion to change is making things harder for conventional healthcare organizations.

Digital transformation allows hospitals to run a digital and paperless healthcare organization. A hospital management software like SoftClinic can help organizations to smoothen the transition process. Here is how SoftClinic accelerates the pace of digital transformation in a healthcare organization:

  • SoftClinic hospital information system automates operations by managing OPD departments, patient appointments, inventories, prescriptions, hospital occupancy and lot more.
  • SoftClinic allows hospitals to launch their own patient portals that can be used by patients to book appointments, check past health records, view diagnostic test results and communicate with clinic/hospital in real-time.
  • SoftClinic allows creation and management of Electronic Health Records that are easily accessible by multiple stakeholders, anytime, anywhere.
  • SoftClinic’s pharmacy management and laboratory information systems streamline diagnostics and medical needs of patients as well as the clinic/hospital.

Wrapping Up

Digital transformation has the potential to revolutionize healthcare which is the need of the hour. By implementing a clinic management software in your organization, you can launch patient portals, empower stakeholders, keep everything in control and transition towards value-based care concept, which will improve the quality of care you deliver to your patients. So, what are you waiting for? Try SoftClinic Clinic Management Software, today.