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SoftClinic Pharmacy Management System

SoftClinic ePharmacy software is designed keeping in mind specially the physicians.SoftClinic Pharmacy provides the foundation to improve the efficiencies and profitability of your current customer base while allowing you to grow your business and take on a more proactive role with your customers.

Why SoftClinic Pharmacy software required?

Because hospital and pharmacy environments are dynamic, our pharmacy services are continually evaluated to meet today’s needs.

SoftClinic pharmacy management system benefits in many ways and also it makes the management very easy. SoftClinic helps in addressing the shortages the work, smooth running of the pharmacy, getting prompt and correct report as and when required, and centralized data storage with security. SoftClinic are also helps in customer satisfaction.

SoftClinic pharmacy management system brings speed and reliability to your pharmacy and with the advance technology used in our PMS you can manage your pharmacy in a much better way and also have full control over it.

Starting from new medicine purchase to customer billing and reordering new medicine with the help of minimum stock report and expire alerts all can be done and managed by SoftClinic PMS.The most important things about SoftClinic PMS it is very user friendly and no professional skill are required so anyone and everyone can use it.

SoftClinic Pharmacy Software useful for

Simple and efficient user interface design.

Secure and reliable as all major threats.

Centralized data storage and easy and interactive retrieval of the data.

Quickly provides the information and analysis about the business which will help in the better decision making.

Important and useful features like minimum stock alerts and expire date alerts.

Barcode reader can be integrated to easily record the detail.