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healthcare technology

What are the major tech challenges faced by the healthcare industry?

January 1, 2022

We all live in the technology age where new innovations constantly make our lives easier and better. There are endless possibilities with technology to improve the quality of life....

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hospital management

Key Reasons that Cause Trust deficit amid Doctors and Patients

November 29, 2021

Patients are not content with the medical service providers in many countries, including India. Accordingly, there is a rising trust deficit amid patients and doctors that require to be...

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How to Reduce Waiting Time in Your Practice With A Clinic Software?

October 25, 2021

Having your own practice means taking care of the major problems as well as the minute details. You must have an efficient system because even the best doctors lose...

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healthcare management

Changes in Health Sector Consumer Behaviour Post COVID-19

October 22, 2021

At the onset of COVID-19, the healthcare sector experienced a turmoil of changes. On one hand, it was the most involved member of corona warriors, while on the other...

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clinic management

10 Ways to Improve Your Clinic Management System (CMS) Practices

September 23, 2021

Although the number of doctors in any clinic is low, the steady footfall of patients is quite high. In such a situation, the management of the entire clinic, along...

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Provider And Patient Relationships

Leveraging Technology to Improve Provider And Patient Relationships

June 18, 2021

Technology has transformed the healthcare sector extraordinarily all around the globe. Leveraging healthcare IT solutions, providers are successively offering better quality care and higher satisfaction levels to their patients,...

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Clinical and Financial Reporting

How to Manage Clinical and Financial Reporting for Healthcare Effectively?

May 26, 2021

The healthcare sector has become an essential commodity in these modern times. With the surging demand for healthcare institutions, it has become vital for healthcare providers to cut down...

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work life balance of a doctor

The Value of Work-Life Balance for a Doctor and How to Attain It?

April 24, 2021

Being a doctor is a rewarding career. Specialized doctors are sought-after by patients, medical institutions, and even the media. But, it takes years of hard work and countless hours...

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Technologies Shaping Hospital or Clinic Management in India

April 8, 2021

India’s healthcare industry is rapidly growing at a tremendous pace and has nearly touched a mark of $280 Billion in 2020. Thanks to the various government initiatives such as...

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patient registration

How to Make a Frictionless Patient Registration Process in Your Hospital or Clinic?

March 17, 2021

Patient registration is a mundane administrative task that does not require any big introduction. It is a requirement needed to record patients’ demographics, health history, and insurance information. However,...

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