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10 Ways to Improve Your Clinic Management System (CMS) Practices

September 23, 2021

Although the number of doctors in any clinic is low, the steady footfall of patients is quite high. In such a situation, the management of the entire clinic, along with proper maintenance of patient records, becomes a tedious task. Often, some clinics have multiple centres spread across various geographical locations. For such kinds of medical facilities, managing the entire business at a centralised point is an enormous challenge. Tasks like an appointment, billing, maintenance of patient records, safety and security need to be handled systematically with no loss of data. Clinic management software is therefore adopted by all the advanced single and multi-centre clinics for ease of handling clinic functions.

Let’s understand what a clinic management solution is all about?

Clinic management software solution is a digital tool for upgrading the overall clinical experience and integrating with practice management software. CMS or clinic management software, being a healthcare-specific tool, helps the healthcare professionals like doctors, clinic assistants and others to manage the entire clinic, in a way that it reflects:

  • Better efficiency
  • Streamlined clinic operations
  • Accurate patient records
  • Reduction in clinic expenditure
  • Better patient care

In this read, our core focus is on helping you unbox the guidelines to improve the clinic management system for maximum profitability and the best of services.

10 simple practices to improve your clinic management system

1. Make use of cloud-based clinic management software

Automate all your centres with a clinic management solution that processes multiple information together and delivers a single solution. With web-based CMS, the data is accessible anytime and anywhere on a real-time basis. Therefore, it resolves the issue of delayed decision making or loss of information.

2. Emphasis on better patient care and experience

Patients are the direct customers of clinics. This means they are the centre focus of all the strategies and practices happening at the clinic. Therefore, one needs to think about providing a 360-degree customer experience ranging from the point of appointment booking to invoicing and medication. Patient experience is all about ensuring complete convenience and accessibility of services to the patients, at complete ease. Patients are happy when they are given personal attention and shown genuine concern.

3. Emphasis on efficient task delegation

Effective delegation of duties is a core principle of flawless management structure. Physicians should only focus on medical degree quoted tasks. Administrative duties should be taken care of by the admin department, clinic assistants and receptionists. Whenever and wherever needed, unburden the human force by directing the work towards digitally advanced technological solutions.

4. Adopt an effective employee incentive system

Clinic employees should be provided incentives for their overwhelming performance to elevate their productive outcome, cohesion, and to make them feel happy about their work. Special training should be provided to boost their skills and productivity. Don’t burden your staff with over-expectations. Happy employees are more loyal and contribute much more to uplift the reputation and revenue.

5. Encourage and engage mid-level health providers

As mentioned earlier, the footfall of patients at the clinic is relatively more compared to the number of doctors available. But this does not mean that you can make your prospective customers wait for unlimited hours. Too much waiting time for a consultation or a drop in the level of services because of lack of medical staff will cause the loss in revenues and reputation, too. The patients will also shift to other clinics. Therefore, it is recommended to involve your nurse practitioners and other mid-level healthcare staff in executing certain primary functions. All of this will reduce the massive workload of doctors and the quality of patient care will also improve.

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6. Leverage technology

Does your clinic follow the teleconsultation practice? If not, start it now, because your clinic needs to leverage technology at the earliest. Make use of health-related technological advancements to plough in multiple profits and to balance out the losses incurred during the lockdowns and COVID-19 pandemic. Integration of clinical health tools with technology can help in better coordination across primary, secondary and aged care. Digitization improves the level of patient care and promotes structured decision making.

7.  Adopt digital marketing practices

Engaging in digital marketing practices has helped multiple clinics rejuvenate their existence post the pandemic strike. Investment in digital marketing is for building a website and running it with all the optimization features intact. Other than this, clinics can also be registered on the Google business page. Presence on the Google business page doubles the visibility of the clinic in Google search results. Finally, mark the presence on the most popular Instagram or Facebook pages. Presence on social media pages increases the engagement rate with people. The more you share information related to your niche healthcare department, the chances of your popularity also improve. Outsource professional practices to handle your digital market presence.  

8. Have a common digital platform for discussion

If employees of your clinic are widespread across different locations, try to bring them together on a common digital platform. This is very much essential to let everyone feel like part of the management and to promote a healthy work culture. Remember, happy employees mean an increase in productivity. The common digital platform can be as a module of a clinic management solution or an app. This common platform increases the internal communication between workers and also more information is gathered for better decision making.

9. Have a common reporting format

If you are the manager or owner of a multi-centre clinic, then you must have a regular performance overview of all the centres. Manually, this can be quite tedious. Therefore, it is recommended to take help from the clinic management software. The reporting template of the software accurately measures and reports the performance from all the centres.

10. Form clinic groups

If you have multiple different clinics from different parties in the same locality, try to form a common group. The formation of a group eases down the stress of certain common tasks and the business leverages economies of scale. A well-managed clinic group improves the negotiating power of professionals for better facilities and technology. For example, a group of clinics can have a common vaccination centre or COVID-19 test centre for patients visiting them.

On a final note:

A clinic software solution is much needed by any clinic that desires to improve the routine operations of its clinic and also provide high-level patient care. One can opt for a cloud-based clinic management solution for ease of mobile access across all devices, quick migration, constant customer support, business overview and audit.

Remember, just like medical professionals are concerned about their patients, we care about you and your business. Our software solution helps you to improve your services with dedicated support.

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