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What to Look at When Selecting a Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) in 2021

December 31, 2020

The laboratory is always a busy place in a healthcare institution, and often a critical one, due to the pressure of maintaining high precision standards. Lab managers are tasked with stringent responsibilities of providing accurate, on-time, and in-budget reporting in a fast-paced environment. Even with the best tools, keeping lab workflows on track can become challenging. 

This is where the role of Laboratory Management Software comes into the picture. It enables Lab Managers, and other Medical Stakeholders to ensure high accountability and standardize lab operations.

Below you will find suggestions to figure the best Laboratory Management Software in 2021 for your laboratory.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a software designed to manage operations of the laboratory. The design of the software accompanies data modules such as analysis, sample, study, storage, and participant information.

Generally, the LIMS software is seen as a process management tool to validate, capture, integrate, analyze, audit, and control data, processed in a laboratory.

Features of a Best Laboratory Management Software

A good Laboratory management software should exceed the capabilities of a typical laboratory system. The software should be capable of generating documents for each sample and maintain a chain of custody. Below are some of the features to consider while selecting the best laboratory management software for your healthcare practices.

  • A fully integrated approval process. With approvals come review. The software should be able to manage the review and approvals simultaneously.
  • Laboratory management software (LIMS) should be capable of scheduling, alerting, and monitoring sampling as well as any ad hoc testing results.
  • The LIMS software should be able to define customer specifications, products, and samples by the process.
  • The laboratory software should be able to send and receive multiple samples at one time and simultaneously update records. This is possible if the software is designed for automation.

Functionality Requirements

A good Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) should consider the following functionality requirements:

  • Instrument control
  • Resource management
  • Lab test processing
  • Statistical analysis
  • Lab safety
  • Sample collection method
  • Test scheduling

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Consider The Following Things While Choosing a Laboratory Management Software

Your Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) purchase decision should account for the ROI expectations, and the internal lab productivity goals you’ve set. Each lab operates in a specific way; some aim for better accountability while some are looking for better overall management. On a whole, the goals should be well defined, and a price-to-benefit ratio should be analyzed. 

Before considering Laboratory Information Management Software, you should consider the following points:

  • Pricing of the software. It should be realistic and should fall under your budget bracket.
  • Focus on priority and impact. Carrying out a requirement analysis prior to purchasing the software can help make a wise decision.
  • Software’s ease-of-use and human operability should be given enough importance.
  • The vendor should be able to provide ardent proof of software’s usability.
  • 24/7 support is available from the software provider.

Core Areas

Data Protection

A best Laboratory Information Management Software should consider the need to store, access, and update data simultaneously. Storage of data should be irrespective of the study. Analyze the implications of the software if data gets manhandled. Identification of these areas will help scrutinize priority wise and keep security protection mechanisms in practice.

Correct Technology

The software should not be considered based upon current requirements only. The purpose of a good Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) should be to identify future requirements as well. Check for the potential functionality that will be the need of the hour in the future. Understand the features that are out of the box and how the features can be updated to meet ongoing requirements. If there are additional modules capable of being attached, try and analyze the flexibility of any user accessing the software.


Laboratory Management Software should not measure objectives in the short or medium term. The minimum measurable objective should be in place for 5 years. Understanding the five-year requirement will focus on the functional capability of the operators and put you in a position to measure the effectiveness of the software.

The Need For The Software

While purchasing a laboratory management system, steer clear from confusing it with a sample management system. Make an informed choice by understanding the difference. The type and level of system required will help differentiate and consider a solution for immediate challenges.

SoftClinic LIMS Solution

SoftClinic provides an end-to-end solution for laboratories to manage their reporting, workflow and information collection needs. Built keeping the modern healthcare facilities in mind, the laboratory management software offers compatibility with specialties like Immunology, Microbiology, Histopathology, etc.

Features of SoftClinic LIMS

  • Streamline patient care by providing access to authorized personnel like Consulting Doctors for the critical patient data.
  • Create a secure, trustworthy, and consistent channel for invoicing patients.
  • Make your reporting system more efficient with standardized outgoing reports
  • End-to-end security measures with approval-based e-signatures available with digital reports.

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The efficacy of a laboratory in any given medical institution is of prime importance, as it affects the functioning of several other departments. To standardize and improve Laboratory management operations in 2021, LIMS solutions are your go-to options, as they provide a number of benefits.

While opting for the best laboratory management software, pay attention to the factors mentioned in this article.

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