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The Need for Smart OPD Management Software in Post-COVID World

August 24, 2020

The novel contagion had taken the world by surprise. With the numbers reaching over 23 million now and the new patients increasing rapidly each day, the medical fraternity stands on the frontlines saving lives.

The medical facilities serving the patients are taking a heavy toll with overwhelming schedules and the risk of contamination. The US healthcare worker death toll is already at an alarming rate as confirmed about .

On top of the fact that the workload has increased and the medical staff has been working extensive hours, during which thousands have been infected.

While the world is actively looking for a cure, the question remains, what after post COVID-19 in healthcare center? How are the surgeons going to operate without being at risk? Will it be safe for the staff after the pandemic condition stabilizes?

Research at NCBI shows the ready adoption of Telemedicine and digital solutions for treating patients remotely. OPD software can be deployed in medical facilities to manage the multiple practices in its functioning. It takes care of the overall administrative tasks as an integrated service. We shall discuss such preventive measures for specialized physicians at length in this article. Let’s begin:

1.  Faster Task Management:

Using integrated software, various administrative tasks from booking an appointment to e-prescribing and allotment the desired facility is faster than handling manually.

The latter is a familiar method, however, it takes much longer and increased effort for its management.

Customized OPD software contains various modules that help in easing the work pressure off and speeding up everyday tasks. It is also efficient in managing the calendars of the staff.  

2. Patient Record Keeping:

Data plays a central role in the working of a hospital. It helps in giving the physicians a deeper insight into the patient medical records and data.

opd management

In the span of treatment, a physician will need to take a look at the initial records and track the developments. With the number of patients increasing, keeping a manual record can get cumbersome. Therefore, OPD management software can centralize the data for easy access

With the use of cloud-based servers, the team can access data remotely as well.

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3. Organizing Patient Queues:

As the world is struggling to contain the spread of the pandemic, social distancing has turned out to be the most effective preventive measure.

Hospital queues can put many individuals at risk. It becomes more critical than ever to streamline appointments remotely. With the use of the Appointment management tool in the OPD software, the hospital administration can easily arrange schedules for patients.

To make this functionality easier, patients can be given tokens as a reference to their appointments.

4. Maintaining Data Safety:

The patient and physician data is highly confidential and its security cannot be compromised. Deploying OPD management software in the hospital/clinic can maintain extensive data with uncompromised security.

The administration can choose the type of cloud-server that best suits their requirement where they can save data faster and easier. Extensive backups are in place to make sure of the recovery of data at any given crisis.

This digitalization will reduce the need of keeping the hardcopy files and the cost and space it endures. 

5. Billing Management:

To keep the finances in check is one of the crucial aspects of running a medical institution. From keeping track of the number of patients admitted in the hospitals to every day consults, OPD software handles it all.

Digitally managing the bills and keeping proper enhanced records of every single data also comes in handy during audits. There are comprehensive formats installed in the software, wherein the staff has to fill in data and save. They are easy to use and maintain.  

6. Keeping Track of the Inventory

This is one of the most time consuming everyday task for hospital management. With the software, one can set up alarms as soon as any stock runs out. There is little to no scope of error in digital handling of the hospital inventory.

OPD management software is an intelligent system that can make concise reports of the usage, which will help the hospital staff to optimize stock intake.

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