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How to Manage Inventory Workflow in Hospitals with SoftClinic HMS?

July 25, 2021

Inventory workflow in healthcare is often neglected and not given the importance it deserves. A well-executed inventory workflow can hugely impact the medical staff’s productivity, accountability, and hospital’s operating costs. Besides that, it helps to provide a seamless experience and care for the patient. Thus, the role of inventory management in healthcare is of tremendous importance and must be taken into account for the benefit of the hospital. 

Lately, with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for efficient hospital inventory management software has increased even more. Healthcare institutions that do not have a reliable HMS for inventory management must consider using it. Let us discuss some more essentialities in this regard and understand why managing your inventory workflow is crucial for the growth of your hospital. 

Challenges Faced by Hospitals 

Clinics and hospitals that control their inventory manually always lack in providing the best service. This is because the challenges faced by them are so many that the staff cannot pay sufficient attention to patient care. 

Some of the biggest challenges that hospitals face without a hospital management software for inventory management are as follows:

  1. Sorting Medicines
  2. Creating Sales Reports  
  3. Generating Bills  
  4. Shortage of Pharmaceuticals  
  5. Overstock of Pharmaceuticals
  6. Tracking the Expiry date of Pharmaceuticals  
  7. Loss of Surgical Equipment 
  8. Loss of Pharmaceuticals 

How Inventory Management Software Improve Workflow of Hospitals?

Most hospitals usually inefficiently manage their supplies and spend too much time on the inventory. A simple and reliable hospital inventory management software can reduce inventory supply costs and improve staff efficiency. Some other benefits that hospitals can avail of with HMS for inventory management are as follows:

  • Streamline the supply management system
  • Keep track of the medication
  • Improve patient experience
  • Increase visibility and transparency in the system
  • Track inventory level
  • Automate the inventory management
  • Higher efficiency in stock management
  • Real-time tracking of medicines

How Softclinic HMS Helps Manage Your Inventory Workflow?

Softclinic’s hospital management software is one of the finest HMS in the industry. The numerous practical and essential features it offers help streamline the functions of hospitals and achieve higher growth. Below-given are a few features offered by their software:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Easy Billing and Accounting 
  • Indoor Management
  • Clinical Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting and Analysis

For managing the inventory workflow, the software provides the users with the following features:

Purchase Bills

The hospital software offers the hospital a central store through which certain authorized staff can purchase the needed items for the hospital. They can buy both drug and non-drug items. 

Issue Bills

The central store further issues the items to the pharmacy store and wards of the hospital. 

Purchase and Issue Return

Leveraging the software, the return of the items purchased, or the items issued can be done using simple commands. 

Stock Adjustment 

The most beneficial feature given for inventory management in healthcare is managing the stock levels. Users can effortlessly search the number of items issued to a particular ward or pharmacy store. They can check the stock position in the central store, which significantly helps to reorder the items at the right time and save the hospital from the shortage of pharmaceuticals. 


Apart from that, the software makes the process of inventory management seamless for the staff. Let us see how the system works:

Requisition of Items

This requisition form helps the employees or staff put a request for any item required by any hospital department. Users can mention the department, date, and the name of the person requesting the items. 

Approval of the Items

Once the order of the items is requested, the admin checks and approves the user’s requests. The software can exhibit the list of indents as per date, department, or the staff who has put the request.

Ordering the Items

The next step is to order the items requested through a purchase order. The HMS for inventory management lets you select the supplier, quantity, dates, etc., of the order. 

The admin can then finalize the purchase order by approving it. All the details for purchase orders from its invoice to other details are stored within the software.   

Receiving the Items

After receiving the items from the supplier, you can enter the details of the order received. Any updation in the order, such as the quantity, price, etc., can be changed here in the form if required. 

Issuing the Goods to Pharmacy and Other Departments  

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Finally, issue the items based on the requisitions made by the departments and fulfill their demands. 

Streamline Your Inventory Workflow Today with Softclinic HMS

Achieving the required inventory workflow in any medical institution is of paramount importance. It can level up patient care and quality of service at your hospital by streamlining the operations. A good hospital management software can successively help you accomplish it with ease. Softclinic’s HMS offers the best tools to make this change happen for you. The software is used by 25000+ physicians in 48 countries.