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August 14, 2020

Technology integration in the medical industry is rising by the day.  At this point, we can say that pharmacies should have a good reason for not using software to manage their workflow smoothly.

As the pandemic has taken the world by surprise, the medical industry remains on the frontlines, fighting it. The novel contagion has affected individual lives and has made people more health-conscious than ever. This panic situation has resulted in a hike in demand for pharmaceuticals. And, it becomes a strong reason for digitising the tasks involved in pharmacies. 


From keeping track of the stock to managing the billings and more, a powerful Pharmacy Management Software (PMS) can revolutionize the workflow.

Enlisted are multiple reasons why a powerful PMS by Softclinic is the need of the hour for every pharmacy.

1.  User-Friendly:

With many hands using the system in a pharmacy and not plenty who are tech-savvy, this part becomes critical for a PMS. The software by Softclinic ensures user-friendliness at its best. Softclinic also enables post-development support that makes the transition easy.

No specialised training is required for any individual to handle the Pharmacy Management Software. With experienced healthcare IT firm onboard, one can safely shift the manual work management to digital means without worrying about professional training costs.

2.  Leverage Actionable Data Points:

To establish the areas where growth is feasible in the pharmaceutical business is essential. Digitalizing the workflows not just lets the team focus on the vital part of the job, but it also streamlines everyday tasks and provides detailed task analysis.

With the help of proper reports and data, one can iterate the scope of improvement and effectively work towards it. It becomes a window to analyse business and fill up the market gaps.

3.  Raising Invoices & Secure Financial Management:

Manual management of the everyday finances is prone to errors, and the comprehensibility of the data can be affected. Different people may have different ways to fill in the data and record information. With formats in place, handling the finances becomes much more accessible, understandable, and detailed.

Pharmacy Management Software enables just that, from keeping track of the cost of stock intake to customer billing.  

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4.  Integrated Barcode Scanner:

Pharmacy Management Software is a flexible solution that can be customised depending on the pharmacy requirements. For the purpose of recording the details of every purchase, the software can be equipped with a barcode reader.

This makes tracking more straightforward and more detail-oriented.

5.  Inbuilt Alerts:

With a Pharmacy Management Solution deployed, keeping track of the medicines in stock becomes much more manageable. The software also shows an alert of the medicine expiry dates, minimum inventory, and more.

Keeping track of the inventory of thousands with the specifications can get tricky.  Therefore, pharmacies that are using these solutions have found the expiry date and minimum stock alerts handy.

The user can easily customise the alerts, add new reminders to keep track of the details on the go.

6. Drug Inventory Management:

The intake of the stock is cardinal for a pharmacy; in fact, it is one of the core competencies. PMS quickly provides the required information relating to the consumption and exhaustion of the stock. With centralised data storage, the various users can concurrently access and keep track of the inventory.

Not just that, it helps in effectively managing the finances involved in inventory management.

7.  Simplified Daily Tasks:

Speedy and reliable Pharmacy management solutions bring efficiency onboard with it. Using the power of technology, this software works smoothly in supporting the workflow 360 degrees. It not only aids in the smooth running of the pharmacy but also assists in addressing the areas of improvement.

SoftClinic Pharmacy Management Software

With a diverse experience working in the Healthcare IT industry catering to the needs of multiple large medical institutions and pharmacies, tech solutions from SoftClinic are highly proficient. In addition to the customised software provision, the team also ensures post-development support to its clients.

  • Simple and efficient UI design.
  • Secure from data breaches and cyber attacks..
  • Centralized data storage and easy and interactive retrieval of the data.
  • Quickly provide the information and analysis about the business which will help in better decision making.
  • Handy features such as minimum stock alerts and expire date alerts.


While you are covered on the technology and support front with Softclinic, the team has an in-depth understanding of the industry standards and is well versed with the latest technical advancements. This ensures a better end solution.

To know, feel free to get in touch today. 

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