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Successful Tips to Switch or Replace an EHR System in Your Hospital

March 24, 2021

The electronic health record (EHR) system has been a true blessing for the healthcare sector. It has tremendously transformed the workflow of hospitals and clinics around the globe. Thousands of organizations have benefitted big time by leveraging EHR to streamline their processes and provide improved patient outcomes. However, when we look at the market trends, there are a plethora of second and even third-time buyers of EHR software. 

Why is it so? When we researched, we found many crucial aspects that were driving hospitals to switch their EHR systems. Through this blog, we will help you explain why multiple hospitals are replacing their EMR software and will provide tips on successfully migrating to an EHR system that is best for your organization.

Top Reasons Why Hospitals Switch or Migrate their EHR Software

Following are some reasons why hospitals lose interest in their current EHR system and look for a new replacement. 

  • Technical Issues With the Product

A prominent reason for the hospitals to switch to a new EHR system is technical difficulties with the product. Many software solution companies build such software that is not user-friendly and are complex to use.  

Besides, if the software keeps having technical issues and the vendor doesn’t seem to solve those problems in an appropriate time, it is wiser to move on to a new and reliable product. 

  • Low in Productivity

Some softwares are developed in such a way that instead of reducing the staff’s time and effort, they consume even more. The staff should regularly evaluate the software’s usage and analyze if the software is hindering the organization’s productivity. 

If the software consumes too much time in mundane administrative tasks, the software probably isn’t the best for your organization. 

  • Software Unable to Meet Hospital Goals

Every organization has set some rules for the growth of their organization that requires consistent updations. An efficient EHR system helps you gain incentives, reduce workload, and improve the quality of patient care. However, if the EHR software you are using isn’t able to meet these goals, you must look for a new solution.  

  • Instability with Vendors for Maintenance of Software

Any software needs timely maintenance and regular updates for its efficient working and to keep up with the times. In some cases, the vendors just build and deliver the software and then vanish from the sphere. 

In such a case, the hospital gets stuck with dead-end software, which becomes no good for the organization. 

  • Software isn’t Cost-Effective 

Another reason to migrate EHR system of your hospital’s EHR system is if the software is raising the expenses of your organization. Many vendors do not earn much from the software development but charge hefty service charges for the maintenance. If this is the case with your hospital, too, it is better to replace the software timely.   

Tips to Find a Reliable EHR Software

The following tips will be useful to find suitable EMR software that can fulfil the needs of your organization. 

Research, Research, and Research!

The fundamental step required to make this change is to start your research thoroughly. The research required this time will be comparatively easier this time as you already would have an idea of what you are looking for in the EHR software. 

Go through as many software as you can and compare every little detail by making comparison charts to get the best results.  

Consider the Time Software Will take for its Implementation

The software replacement process will surely impact the working of your hospital to some level. The attempt should be such that it takes the least amount of time and effort for the migration. Hence, you must find software and vendor who has the professional expertise to pull this off. 

Check How Easily the Data can be Migrated

A crucial concern worth considering is transferring the data from the old EHR system to the new EHR system. If your current system makes use of CCD (continuity of care documents), then the EMR Data Migration process can be carried out effortlessly. 

Cost of the Software and its ROI

Assessing how much cost it will be needed to buy the new software along with its maintenance charges is of paramount importance. It includes the hardware, software, installation, training, and maintenance costs. 

Only buy the software after you are fully sure that the software is perfect for your requirement and can sustain the growth of your organization. 

SoftClinic – A Right EHR Software

SoftClinic offers one of the best EHR Software in healthcare industries used by hundreds of satisfied clients. The software is built considering every little requirement of a hospital or clinic. Apart from that, the software is embedded with multiple practical features that help improve the system’s efficiency. Some of the topmost features of the software are:

  1. Quick workability for storing and generating information by using pre-built templates. 
  2. Encrypted data sharing so that crucial patient data is secured from breaching. 
  3. Wide usability of the software for all kinds of physicians, surgeons, nursing homes, and large-scale hospitals.
  4. Extensive data management for storing all medical history of the patients. 
  5. Integration of data in various departments for fast and easy communication between the doctors. 

Wrapping Up

Switching to a new EMR software is fully dependent upon how adversely your hospital’s growth is affected because of the current EHR software. If in any way the operations of your hospital are suffering because of your current system or you see no future potential in the software, it is advisable to get new software that can meet the demands of your hospital for more sustainable growth.