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Success Stories


Dr. Olivier Meyer, Dr. Olivier Clinic, Pattaya, Thailand

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When Olivier Clinic acquired the hospital management system without any paperwork and also manages the patient’s registration, appointment scheduling, accounting, admin management. We have searched the hospital management system to manage clinic data and also manage the all staff & patient’s detail and generate the all reports.

Business Problem:

So many hospital management and electronic health record management systems are available in market.

Then we have use one hospital management system to manage the clinic. There have so many problems to manage the all data. These systems are not provide Accuracy of Data derived from patient records and not maintain the Standardization for Information taken from each patient.

Our Clinic Requirements:

Workflow efficiency: Data collection should be structured as part of the work Process to avoid negatively affecting patient visits—and ideally, to make visits more efficient.

Accounts & Billing: Accounting and billing, calculation based on prescription, custom billing.

Accuracy: Data derived from patient records patient data available more easily and quickly and facilitates communication between Clinic and patients.

Data Management: All data are managed with the cloud database and easily we can access the all data.

The Solution:

Then I have use SoftClinic hospital management system to provide EHR and HMS practice management.
SoftClinic HMS: Exclusive focus on all specialty of health record and all modules are available in SoftClinic HMS & EHR. SoftClinic HMS Provide best solution to manage the all workflow in clinic.

SoftClinic are providing integration, cloud database management, appointment scheduling, Staff management, accounting, billing system and Minimal Hardware dependencies. Also SoftClinic provide best support for the manage hospital management system.