How to Start a Paperless Clinic with SoftClinic Hospital Management System?

January 25, 2020

With an increase in digitization, there has been a growing need to go paperless across many industries including healthcare. Today, doctors and healthcare agencies are actively adopting digital mediums to interact, prescribe and improve the level of care to the patients.

Digitization helps hospitals to manage the patient data, improve communication between various entities and achieve efficiency which help them improve patient care in a big way.

If you are in the healthcare industry and want to digitize your clinic or hospital setup, SoftClinic can help you achieve your goals efficiently.

SoftClinic is an integrated clinic management software that is capable of managing different operational aspects of a modern clinic. Using SoftClinic hospital management software doctors can digitize patient records, streamline appointment schedules, manage information and achieve desired efficiencies, without disrupting the existing operations. Here is how SoftClinic helps you start a paperless clinic, with ease:

1. Support for Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Using SoftClinic software, a physician can digitize the entire medical history of the patient. EHR allows a physician to record, retrieve and update the health records of each patient using digital mediums. Further, EHR allows doctors to share relevant information with healthcare providers, pharmacies and other organizations.

SoftClinic allows physicians to record patient health data in a chronological order which can eliminate the need for carrying paper-based reports to the clinic.

2. Dedicated Patient Portal

SoftClinic is equipped with a dedicated patient portal that can be accessed by patients to schedule appointments, communicate, access healthcare information, check diagnostic results and do a lot more. Using a digitized system for the patient, a physician can achieve next-level digitization at his/her clinic.

Not only does a patient portal save valuable time of the staff but ensures that many mundane tasks and repetitive queries can be automatically managed.

3. Digitized Operations

SoftClinic can bring the entire operations online, making the task of digitization easier. The clinic/hospital management system can handle appointments, accounting, prescriptions, inventories, reports, certifications, etc. which can be accessed at one click. This means that your clinic staff doesn’t have to fiddle with large piles of paperwork, every evening to keep things streamlined for the next morning.

4. Pharmacy & Laboratory Coordination

One of the most time-consuming activities while operating a clinic is communicating with pharmacies and laboratories. With SoftClinic clinic management software, doctors can simply automate various functions. The clinic staff can keep an eye on the pharmacy inventory, transmit paperless e-prescriptions, expiry dates, set stock alerts.

On the other hand, the LIS or Laboratory Information System helps clinics helps in keeping a detailed and digital record of all diagnosis on the cloud. A LIS system empowers laboratories to provide real-time support to the clinic in the form of transmitting diagnostic reports quickly. For a physician, this means no need of following up with the laboratory for diagnostic support. A single system integrates the entire healthcare operations.

SoftClinic clinic management software is a fueling a revolution in the field of digital healthcare. If you are looking to plug in operational loopholes and adopt the digital way, the best way is to start with SoftClinic today.