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How to Make a Frictionless Patient Registration Process in Your Hospital or Clinic?

March 17, 2021

Patient registration is a mundane administrative task that does not require any big introduction. It is a requirement needed to record patients’ demographics, health history, and insurance information. However, the task in itself may consume a large amount of staff’s time that can be otherwise contributed to provide enhanced patient care. The patient registration process in the hospital can also be viewed as the beginning of the revenue cycle for the specific clinic or hospital. 

Hence, the experience of the registration process for the patients must be effortless and pleasant. This pleasing experience can only be delivered when your process is swift, streamlined, and designed to cater to the needs of patients. So this article will expound on how digital patient registration helps you achieve these characteristics with perfection and help in the growth of your organisation.  

Challenges Patients Face with In-Person Patient Registration Process 

The number of benefits you get by digitising your registration process is extensive. However, before exploring those benefits, let us first study some of the challenges patients face with the manual registration process. 

  • More Waiting Period

One of the biggest concerns patients have with the registration process is large waiting periods. Manually registering each patient requires more time because of which patients that are waiting sometimes tend to get irritated and become irate. 

  • Incorrections in Patient History

The registration process may look like a simple job, but when the staff needs to deal with hundreds of patients regularly, many complexities arise. One being, committing errors while entering the patient data. This results in incorrections in the history of the patient. 

  • Increased Documentation

The medical staff needs to enter their health history, personal specifications, and insurance information for every new patient. This leads to an immense amount of paperwork and consumption of time. 

  • Out of Turn Registrations

The patient registration process in the hospital has many drawbacks. Oftentimes, as the system is not digital, people may cut you in the line and get their turns before others who have been waiting for more time than them. 

  • Higher Data Redundancy

The concerned department where you wish to get treated always requires your medical history. If the system is not digital, they will again enquire and document the information you presented at the registration counter. This leads to duplication of data and is more time-consuming, and has extra wastage of paper. 

  • Lack of Security

A crucial aspect worth considering in the manual registration process is the low security of the information. Unlike the digital method which is more secure and reliable, the data in the manual system can easily be breached.

Digitisation of Patient Registration Process and its Benefits

Making your registration process digital is undoubtedly a forward step in the growth of your clinic or hospital. Let us explore some of the benefits of digital patient registration.

  • Fast and Secure

The digital registration process is extremely faster and safer than the manual registration process. As the system is digital, the documents required can be scanned and stored without entering all the information manually. In addition, the data is protected with authoritative passwords, and any unauthorised access is restricted. 

  • Enhanced Patient Care and Service

With the use of digitisation, medical staff are able to provide timely and fast service to the patients, which adds to improved patient care. Also, the saved time of the staff can be devoted to providing better care for the patients in multiple other operations.  

  • Better Operational Capacity

To have an operational capacity that can meet patients demands is crucial. The number of patients suffering from various diseases has immensely grown in the past few years. Therefore, it is important to opt for methods that can help you increase your operational capacity and treat more and more patients. 

  • Higher Operational Efficiency

The digital methods not only are helpful in providing a better patient experience but also make regular hospital operations more efficient. By minimising the time and effort of the medical staff, the digital methods are significantly superior in providing higher operational efficiency. 

  • Scalable Growth of the Organisation

With digital patient registration, the various workflows of the clinic get streamlined and invariably result in boosting the productivity of the staff and clinic. Furthermore, this streamlined and systematic approach to the process is beneficial in scaling the organisation to a higher level.  

Get Your Hospital Digital with SoftClinic Hospital Management System

SoftClinic is a high-end hospital management software that helps hospitals and clinics to make their operations paperless. By customising the software as per the clinic requirements, SoftClinic provides the best IT healthcare solutions for all kinds of clinic management systems. 

What SoftClinic HMS Offers? 

Some of the best features of SoftClinic HMS are: 

  • Online Appointment System: Patients need not wait for long waiting hours and can get online appointments to save time. 
  • Mobile App Access: The patient reports and other important data can be accessed easily through a mobile application, both by the patient and the doctor. 
  • Fingerprint Scan Identification System: This feature identifies your identity and generates all required information just through a fingerprint scan. This makes the registration process faster for the patients. 
  • Barcoded Reporting System: All the reports are embedded with a barcode that increases the reporting system’s efficiency. 
  • Auto Notifications and SMS Alerts: Any information related to your case will be notified to you through SMS alerts or emails. 

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Wrapping Up

The organisational growth can be tremendously enhanced by digitising the patient registration process in hospital. Patients will not only feel more satisfied with your services but will clearly see value in your operations. Besides, a streamlined approach is always beneficial in building a strong personal connection with the patients. Hence, digital patient registration can be a great stepping stone for your clinic’s consistent success and growth.