How SoftClinic Helps you Simplify your Hospital or Clinic Operations?

January 25, 2020

A modern healthcare establishment like a hospital or clinic requires an efficient staff to manage various operational aspects. Even with the most committed staff members, sometimes, hospital or clinic management becomes a monumental task.

An advanced cloud-based hospital or clinic management system like SoftClinic can bring unprecedented efficiencies to your hospital or clinic operations.

Integrated Approach to Hospital or Clinic Management

SoftClinic is an integrated hospital management system for physicians and hospitals to go paperless and manage their operations better. With dedicated modules for inventory management, pharmacy management, HR, accounting, electronic health record management, etc. SoftClinic gives your hospital staff everything it needs under a single package.

SoftClinic helps modern healthcare establishments to digitize their operations which equips them with the capabilities to maintain records and manage multiple operations, efficiently.

The integrated approach adopted by SoftClinic hospital management software makes it easier to take care of medical, administrative, legal, financial and operational aspects singlehandedly. Serving as a complete support system for modern hospital or clinic management, SoftClinic promises:

  • Streamlined and error-free operations
  • Synchronized electronic medical record keeping
  • Secure and cost-effective patient data handling owing to cloud storage
  • Simplified daily auditing and inventory adjustment
  • Easier appointment booking for the patients

Dedicated SoftClinic Modules to Keep Everything Under Control

SoftClinic comes with integrated billing, inventory, pharmacy and laboratory information modules that can be accessed by caregivers and healthcare professionals using a mobile app, anywhere, anytime.

With the help of SoftClinic, you can manage all operations without having to switch between multiple hospital management systems.

Here are some of the dedicated modules that will improve your operational efficiency, control and transparency:

  • Hospital Information SystemThe integrated hospital management system allows a hospital or clinic to manage all administrative, financial and clinical functions from a single screen. Not only does this module help your operations in going paperless but also improves your data management and processing.A hospital or clinic can manage patient data as well as flow efficiently which reduces waiting times and gives the hospital a chance to serve more patients within the stipulated time.
  • Electronic Health RecordsWith the Electronic Health Record (EHR) module, physicians can digitize the health records of all the patients and access them on a single click within seconds. EHR module allows a hospital or clinic to create a real-time record that can be consulted by the entire healthcare system.Not only does it improve patient convenience but promotes the standardization of clinical data for better diagnosis and care.
  • Pharmacy ManagementWith the help of SoftClinic Pharmacy Management System, the inventory related issues can always be sorted. The clinic’s or hospital’s pharmacy need not worry about supplies and the doctors can stay updated about available quantities at the pharmacy.Also, the customer invoicing process and reordering for required drugs become quite easy for the pharmacy manager and administrative staff.

All these modules along with a host of user-friendly features make a hospital management system like SoftClinic extremely essential for simplifying the entire operations. So, what are you thinking about? Try SoftClinic clinic and hospital management software today.