How Digital Laboratory Reporting System Replacing the Paper-based Reporting

August 24, 2022

Our planet is going through a digital revolution. As a result, everything in and around us is changing for a better future. And those who can’t adapt to these changes, made possible by technological advancement, are going to have a tough time ahead. One such change can be seen in the laboratory reporting space. 

Earlier, each and every laboratory report was printed on a sheet of paper. The paper-based lab reporting not only contributes to the reduction of trees but also can get lost easily. However, this age-old lab reporting method is rapidly getting replaced by the Digital Laboratory Reporting System. 

Today in this blog, we’ll be throwing light on how electronic lab reporting is replacing paper-based reporting. But before that, here’s a brief about the electronic laboratory reporting system and how it works. 

What is the Digital Laboratory Reporting System?

Timely reporting of microbiological tests is a compulsion for the proper treatment of diseases. Digital laboratory reporting software takes this job to the next level by reducing the transition time to a bare minimum. 

A laboratory information management system is a connected software developed to aid laboratory operations like results communication. From specimen collection to result publication, this custom laboratory software can keep tabs on the whole process flow. 

Why Laboratory Reporting Software is Essential

Laboratory reporting procedure has evolved for a digital future, like many other processes in the healthcare space. With a software-based laboratory reporting system, you can do many tasks in one place, that too with optimum efficiency. Here are a few pointers stating the need for e-lab software in clinical labs:

  • Convenience: Digital lab software takes convenience to the next level. Patients can view their lab reports in real time by logging into the app. Doctors also can swiftly check it and take the next steps of treatment at the earliest.
  • Ecofriendliness: Unlike the traditional paper-based reporting, electronic lab reporting software demands zero sacrifices of trees. As the whole thing is based online, no trees are harmed along the way of developing the software.
  • Cost-saving: With a laboratory reporting solution, you can scale down your expenses in a couple of ways. You no longer need to employ your workers at the report printing and delivery station. Also, you’ll get fewer calls asking for report results and delivery. 

How It’s Replacing Offline Reporting

The digital pathology software market is having a great time now as it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.9% during 2022-2028. According to Vantage Market Research’s analysis, the global digital pathology market is valued at $7.3 Bn as of 2021. However, this number is expected to be doubled by the end of 2028. 

The primary drivers of this market are the first world nations, including the US, Germany, and Australia. In these countries, anywhere between 75-95% hospitals, path labs, and clinics have opted for digital reporting solutions. While some still offer paper-based reporting as an option, most have completely shifted toward digitized reporting with no option of providing printed reports. 

How SoftClinic GenX is Bringing this Tech to India

India too has experienced a surge in digital laboratory reporting system implementation. As the telecom revolution brought down the prices of the internet for the masses, the Indian medical sector is shifting many processes to digital medium. SoftClinic GenX is among the leaders in this space. 

India, with a population of 130 Crs, offers humongous growth of med tech companies. JVS Technologies Pvt Ltd, through SoftClinic, has been capitalizing on this opportunity since 2002, when it set up SoftClinic Cath Lab reporting software.  

Since then, SoftClinic has expanded its product offerings to countless numbers. SoftClinic GenX now offers all the online services a medical facility might need. One such service is digital laboratory reporting software in India. 


With a digital laboratory reporting system, your test results are just one tap away for anyone associated with it. It not only makes the existing system more convenient for everyone but also contributes to the environment. 

If you’re looking for a one-stop digital health solution, you should check out SoftClinic GenX. With SoftClinic GenX’s products, your customer retention rate will skyrocket with more satisfied patients than ever.