COVID-19 – play a vital role in growth of virtual care

August 5, 2022

The impact of Coronavirus across industries has been mostly negative, but there is one sector that is facing both boons and banes of it. The healthcare sector.

The pandemic is spreading fast, wreaking havoc in places where people are not maintaining the new norm of social distancing. In the healthcare sector, it is a bane as doctors have to come close to their patients, thereby leaving them exposed to the virus.

The last few months bore the brunt of it as several doctors got infected across the world. This crisis is still looming large and the number is increasingly rising. 

Hand holding smartphone against empty bed in the hospital room

But the boons are opening up new avenues, where technologies can make things easier and reduce the number of infections. One such direction leads to telemedicine. 

Telemedicine is a practice that ensures the treatment of patients from a remote location. This includes video-conferencing tools and allows doctors to treat patientwithout being physically present. It is becoming popular by being easily accessible, increasing patient engagement, and creating scope for real-time information sharing. 

Impact of COVID-19

Since December 2019, Coronavirus disrupted a lot of sectors. Unprecedented pressure on the healthcare sector has left it crippled in many countries. Regular treatments of other departments are getting hampered as well for lack of supplies and medical care personnel. 

A close look at the sector is quite unnerving. It is not just facing the immense pressure of the patients affected by the disease but also getting hammered by panic created by the pandemic outbreak. 

People with common cough and cold symptoms are now rushing to hospitals to get checked. This can turn fatal for many. If the person is a non-carrier and contracts the disease, it can start a chain reaction. If the person is a carrier, it can trigger a domino effect.

Either way, such situations need special handling. The best way to curb the pressure is to create an effective triage service. 

Why Telemedicine?

Telemedicine software is a perfect tool to form a triage in such trying times. As the basic premise of it depends on video-calling, it eliminates the chance of infection. With proper digital support, constant monitoring of a patient is possible. It also helps in filtering out people without symptoms.

Also, as the sector is supported by EHR and EMR, getting access to previous reports and health records becomes easier. Doctors can check-in for diseases that aggravate COVID-19 and, accordingly, advise the patient. 

A large number of patients are worried about going out for a check-up. They just want to lead a cocooned life away from the virus. According to WTOP News, the number of patients visiting a doctor for check-up plummeted since the first week of March. This creates an open ground for telemedicine to operate. It is a round-the-clock support. People will flock towards it if they find it easy to handle and effective in terms of results.

One such software is SoftClinic’s telemedicine platform. It gets its edge from its superlative handling of EHR and EMR processes and the ability to adapt to varied portals with the latest offerings. 

Adaptable and affordable

The primary intent of SoftClinic is to serve the people. For that, the permeation of the best medical practices across strata is essential. That, too, in simple designs. 

SoftClinic’s cloud-based telemedicine software provides easy access and is flexible. This is to make sure that the hospitals or clinics can serve more in less time by reducing the waiting period in the OPD. With expertise in EHR and EMR, SoftClinic can use a vast network of relative data that will help in setting up online appointments, time slots, consultation via text or video call, and sharing of prescriptions.

Online payments with secure gateways and easy access to invoices will make the process smooth. With doctors available for 24X7, the app will provide better support to patients and let hospitals fight more efficiently against the COVID-19. 

It is cost-effective and will take just a day to function properly. A dedicated team will always look after the process and help in innovation to accommodate changes as per requirements. This is in sync with SoftClinic’s vision of optimal handling of resources to maximize the outcome. The vision is not just for today when the necessity is gargantuan but also for tomorrow when the latest technologies will create an extensive demand for the same. 

Contact SoftClinic’s team to quickly implement telemedicine in your practice.