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Introduction of SoftClinic

SoftClinic is the superior practice management tool for clinics and small/medium size hospitals. Our software utilizes dynamic treatment plans to allow ‘real-time’ functions: Integrates medical, investigation, treatment, and outcome details.Convert your clinic practice to paperless clinic practice.

Appointment scheduling is made easy with SoftClinic software.

Easy to use Outdoor Patient Reporting Module.

Advanced Reports and statistics.

Powered with excellent services by the company.

SoftClinic Clinic Software is an advanced Windows based clinic management software system for Hospital and clinics. It enables physicians and clinic managers to efficiently manage their clinics’ daily operational needs. Designed for a single-user or multiple users in a network environment, our comprehensive clinic software services equip medical and clinical facilities with useful tools to implement a complete medical solution.

A world class Clinic Management System for all the medical professionals to convert their clinical practice to paperless. SoftClinic is user friendly software having state-of-the-art features to help medical professionals run their clinic/hospitals with ease. To computerize doctor’s clinic this is great software. It generates billing, accounting & Tally integration, medical records, history, examination, treatment function of any small to big clinic/hospitals. The software is useful for all medical practitioners.

Your clinic is dedicated to a single objective – to provide the best possible care for your patients. Yet the patient experience is very much defined by flow, transportation, environmental services, and other support areas that have a significant effect on patient flow including a patient leaving without being seen and general clinic management. A patient’s length of stay depends on effective patient’s tracking software and orchestration of their resource plan of care. Length of stay, in turn, has a direct bearing on capacity management and, ultimately, clinic costs and revenues. This and many other issues led to the development of SoftClinic.

SoftClinic is an integrated new generation healthcare information management and medical billing software. It automates patients’ transactions in the clinic on a visit basis and daily procedures.

Users familiar with Windows applications will invariably master SoftClinic in record time leading to an extraordinarily smooth and cost-effective usage and installation. SoftClinic is highly customizable, can be used on a standalone computer or on a network serving multiple requests by any healthcare provider.

You will wonder how you ever managed without it!