Innovations in Laboratory Software
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Innovations in Laboratory Software


Innovations in Laboratory Software

Better UI

The user-interface in most new laboratory information software is easy to use and feels natural when compared to previous releases. This significantly reduces the learning curve for STEM researchers and gives them more time to focus on what’s truly important.

More Secure

Since devices connected to the internet are quite prone with automation entering nearly every field of human work, it was only a matter of time before it showed its presence in the labs. Even though laboratory software has been in use for quite a while by now, it has made several advancements in the recent years. Using the concept of internet of things, you can automate most of your lab processes and exponentially increase productivity. By letting software carry out monotonous tasks such as capturing measurements and results from various equipment and sorting it, you and your team can spend your time researching and experimenting. Advanced software such as SoftClinic has helped doctors in tracking the progress of their patients. This has helped them figure out just what works for a particular patient and record that data for other doctors to see as well. Let’s take a look at some of the recent innovations in lab automation.

Connected Equipment

As mentioned above, using internet of things, your lab equipment can stay inter-connected and be controlled by your automation software. This helps improve productivity as you won’t have to move from one apparatus to another to look for results, they will all be shared and presented to you on your computer.

Real Time Data Control

Controlling your lab data in real time is a major benefit as it lets you spot errors and rectify them immediately. This prevents a lot of mistakes in results, thereby increasing your lab’s credibility. SoftClinic is an excellent example of such software as it not only records and analyzes past data, but also gives practitioners real time control over their data.

to being hacked, the recent developments in automation software added more security features to make sure that confidential data remains as such.

The above benefits of lab automation software show just how useful it can be in modern labs. It is bound to increase productivity and decrease errors. Have your hands on customized lab automation software that suits your unique needs by consulting SoftClinic Software.

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