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How to Choose Medical Practice Management Software


How to Choose Medical Practice Management Software

Choosing a medical practice management system is a major decision for any practice.

In this guide, we will help you figure out how to find the system that is right for you by telling you what you need to look for in a practice management system and what questions to ask while you’re choosing one. Choosing the right one can streamline daily operations and increase cash flow, but picking the wrong one can cause headaches for your staff, create barriers to providing care, and reduce your overall earnings.

First, you should know why you need a practice management system. Here are a few benefits of having one:

Streamlining: It is key to coordinating some of the most vital financial and logistical aspects of your practice, including scheduling, billing and financial analysis.
Automation: A practice management system that includes a patient portal can also take some of the burden off of your front desk, allowing patients to request appointments and fill out forms online. Selecting the system that best matches your specialty and workflow will play a big role in your clinical and financial success.
Billing: If you decide to keep your medical billing in-house instead of outsourcing it to a medical billing service, your practice management system will help ensure claims are submitted to payers in a timely and proper manner. Along with a diligent staff, practice management systems can help increase the amount of claims that are accepted by payers on the first pass. Staff members can also use the software to respond to denials and rejections, as well as generate financial reports and pull data to analyze your practice’s fiscal health. It’s important to note that you’ll also need a certified medical coder on staff if you intend to bill through your practice management system, especially with the recent change to ICD-10.
Patient Communication: A practice management system can also be used as a tool to generate and send patients balance statements, as well as predetermine whether patients will owe anything out-of-pocket before their appointment, making it easier to collect payments at the point of care.

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